Eluvial Enterprise Inc. is a unique full-service brokerage, construction and development consulting firm specializing in the development of residential, commercial and mixed-use properties throughout the DC Metro area. At Eluvial we strive to create eco-conscious communities where home and business owners enjoy unrivaled safety and comfort.  
Eluvial was founded in 2013 by Dabrielle Goodwin. After several years spent in asset management, residential and commercial sales, she realized there was a need for highly creative urban development projects that focus on enriching the local DC Metro community. Going forward, the Eluvial team hopes to grow its experience in larger mixed-use urban development projects as well as expand our development efforts into additional high-growth cities throughout the country. 


Providing our clients with a one-stop shop solution for successful delivery of their projects, Eluvial provides development consulting, construction and brokerage services under one umbrella to streamline the cost, timeline, efficiency and quality.  Often competitive developers claim to perform all services like Eluvial but ultimately outsource certain of them to third parties which adds a layer of complexity.  


To create socioeconomic empowerment for all social classes.



Empowering untapped communities to introduce a new perspective to wealth building, economic consciousness and sustainable growth.



Knowledge, Purpose, Power

We believe that in order to empower communities their must be an understanding of the past, present and future condition. Through our core values of knowledge, purpose, and power our work allows us to give back by helping shape and build sustainable communities by creating a future that they can see for themselves.



As a firm we  believe in giving back whenever possible, to this amazing community that has given us so much to be thankful for.  It is our strong belief that the ailments that plague society today can be cured by ensuring that all individuals have access to a quality education and a safe home. Volunteering with Eluvial will give you the opportunity to actively impact social change. Now more than ever, we need voices to speak up and hands to help out. Showing your support for Eluvial and our causes through volunteering can give you the information and inspiration you need to continue enacting change in your day-to-day life.

While our needs for volunteers are always changing, we are eager to help match volunteers to positions when available.